Wind Power

Wind power is not only present in large wind farms, it can also be used in cities. The knowledge of solar energy installations on the roofs of buildings is widespread, but there are also domestic wind turbines with which to obtain much of the electricity consumed in our homes.

Advantages of domestic wind turbines

  • Being in the homes themselves, the generation of electricity is very close to the points of consumption, thus reducing losses by transport and distribution.
  • They do not require strong winds to start harnessing their energy. The development of this technology has made it possible to start generating electricity with starting speeds of 1 m / s.
  • Large tracts of land are not necessary. Domestic wind turbines can be located in small locations.
  • They can be used in isolated systems of the electrical network.
  • The operation and maintenance costs are very low due to its simplicity.
  • Its smaller size means that its environmental impact is also very reduced.

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