Installation of recharging point for electric vehicles

We perform the management and installation of loaders in single family garages, community and external loaders for companies, public or service stations.

Recharge point in individual garage or in a community of neighbors

Are you about to acquire an electric vehicle (VE) ?. Do you need a charging point for your electric vehicle ?. If you have a parking space in a neighborhood community or live in a single-family house, we have the best solution.

Keep in mind that most of the recharges are usually made in your home / garage, so it is very important to make the correct choice of both the specific location of the charger and the equipment itself. We take care of all the procedures and the installation.

Community recharge points

This option includes the possibility of community meters with individual payment systems, the termination of the entire installation including the meters with the possibility of contracting tariffs with the electric ones from which all the neighbors can benefit, the complete verification of the final system and the reduction of the inconveniences coming from the individual installations.

External charging points

In this option we can install high power recharge points of 20 kw and 50 kw, these can be powered by renewable energy, with solar photovoltaic canopy or placing solar panels on the roof of the buildings that are within their location, ideal in this case for Service Stations.

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